Now you understand the possibilities the Alarm Control system offers. Imagine that you can take advantage of them anytime and anywhere. You do not even have to have internet access in your home as the Alarm Control system is self-sufficient in this respect.

You will use the platform or your mobile phone to, among other things: remote activate and deactivate the alarm (e.g. to let in your neighbour who volunteered to water the plants while your family is away); temporarily block off a selected sensor (e.g. a motion detector in a room where your pet stays while you are at work); change the access code for your new housekeeper; remove or add new users (e.g. authorise access for your guests for the duration of their week-long stay in your house). Additionally, the www.Juwentus24online platform will provide you with access to your documents (requests for technical assistance, the signals archive, invoices, etc.).

Go to the App Store and download a free basic version of the Alarm Control Application. If you decided you'd wished to use its full functionality just treat yourself with an upgrade of the licensed version. Figure below shows the range of functions for both versions.