• 2 Remember your loved ones in the elderly. In the case of collapse, every minute counts!
  • 3 Alarm Control gives you comfort and freedom of interior design of the house.
  • 3 Poznaj możliwości Alarm Control,
    a już nigdy nie pomyślisz
    o tradycyjnym systemie alarmowym.

Rapid system installation, alternation and relocation
Your furniture is arranged in a certain way, but you may be planning to redecorate, or you may be to move soon. These need not be a cause for concern! You can easily move individual devices forming part of the Alarm Control system or even the entire home alarm system from one place to another; and that is not all. You can expand your system by installing additional devices at any time.

You do not wish to invest into more than you need, which initially may be just the basic burglary protection, but some months later you may be thinking of added safety features and wish to install a gas leak detector in the boiler room and flood prevention sensors in your bathrooms. You will be able to do that at any time. Your home monitoring system can expand in step with your control needs.