• 2 Remember your loved ones in the elderly. In the case of collapse, every minute counts!
  • 3 Alarm Control gives you comfort and freedom of interior design of the house.
  • 3 Poznaj możliwości Alarm Control,
    a już nigdy nie pomyślisz
    o tradycyjnym systemie alarmowym.

Juwentus crew interventions
Our crew is on alert around-the-clock in the vicinity of your home. Whenever an alarm is triggered, a signal is received by our Monitoring Centre operator and at the same time is automatically flashed on the terminal screen of our intervention crew’s patrol car, which moves to the rescue.

If you meantime call off the alarm, our operator will call off the intervention crew. If not, the patrol will continue on its way to reach your house in the shortest time possible. Precise information (which of the sensors detected movement; the room in which the burglars probably are) they receive from the operator on their way will help them to conduct the intervention in the most effective way.