• 2 Remember your loved ones in the elderly. In the case of collapse, every minute counts!
  • 3 Alarm Control gives you comfort and freedom of interior design of the house.
  • 3 Poznaj możliwości Alarm Control,
    a już nigdy nie pomyślisz
    o tradycyjnym systemie alarmowym.

communication with children
You need not to worry if your child would enter the right code in order to disarm the system. Having returned home from school, your child/children will activate the alarm by pressing a single key on a remote control, and will be able to hear from the Alarm Control intercom panel a voice message their parents left for them (e.g. “Your dinner is in the refrigerator”).

No more need to buy an extra mobile phone! You will be able to make a voice call to your home at any time and talk to your child through intercome. A highly sensitive speaker system covers well the whole room so the kid would not have to stop playing or doing his/her homework in order to answer your call. This function is also vwery usefull while living with elderly or disabled.