• 2 Remember your loved ones in the elderly. In the case of collapse, every minute counts!
  • 3 Alarm Control gives you comfort and freedom of interior design of the house.
  • 3 Poznaj możliwości Alarm Control,
    a już nigdy nie pomyślisz
    o tradycyjnym systemie alarmowym.

Juwentus crew interventions
Our crew is on alert around-the-clock in the vicinity of your home. Whenever an alarm is triggered, a signal is received by our Monitoring Centre operator and at the same time is automatically flashed on the terminal screen of our intervention crew’s patrol car, which moves to the rescue.

If you meantime call off the alarm, our operator will call off the intervention crew. If not, the patrol will continue on its way to reach your house in the shortest time possible. Precise information (which of the sensors detected movement; the room in which the burglars probably are) they receive from the operator on their way will help them to conduct the intervention in the most effective way.
Household presence simulation
Many burglaries occur in homes vacated by holidaymakers. Sometimes the burglar will monitor a home in the evenings to establish if its inhabitants had left for an extended period. Burglars will not risk entry if they see lights being switched on and off in different rooms. How will they know you are switching the light on via your mobile phone while on a holiday in Greece?

Using Alarm Control application you can easilly set permanent or temporary schedules of switching on the lights, e.g. leaving for a week-long vacation you set a time-schedule for indicated light points in the house.
Flood prevention
We all realise the damage a broken bath shower hose or leaky water valve can cause. Under such circumstances, you can receive a text message from a leakage alarm sensor and quickly return home to prevent flooding.

Gas/carbon monoxide leak signalling
Such risks are not worth taking. Poisoning of carbon monoxide or gas explosion could have an extreamly severe consequences.

Highly sensitive gas leak detectors installed in the kitchen or the boiler room are particularly useful in houses with own gas-fired central heating units.

Carbon monoxide detectors are recommended for flats where water is heated by a local units installed in bathrooms, especially if inhabited by elderly or singles.
Fire protection
Many properties could have been saved from being burned to the ground if only a Fire Brigade had beed called in early enough!

A specialist smoke and/or temperature detector will react in case of fire. You will know that immediately (SMS, operator call). Our intervention team will report what they observed on site and you will be able to decide whether we should call in the Fire Brigade 
Burglary protection
Alarm Control allows you to protect interiors with precision movement detection sensors. Additionally, the sensor can be equipped with a built-in camera, which at detection of an intruder will take a picture and send it to your mobile phone.

You will protect the doors and windows with reed switches, which will immediately signal any unauthorised opening. Our unique transmitter (with two-way data transmission) enables highly specific transfer of information from all the respective sensors.

For example, you will know that an alarm was activated three times in succession in one bedroom only; and in no other room. Hence, it is possible that you simply left a window slightly open and it was the draught that triggered off the alarm, and actually there are no thieves roaming the house. You can decide whether we should block off that one detector (or you can do that by yourself via the Internet), or rather to drive home to check what is going on there.